The Best Blue Light Protection. Period.

It is all about the lenses. At Sundog, we are passionate about design, styling, and the way your sunglasses will look, but we are continually driven to offer the very best protection for your vision.


There is more then meets the eye

TrueBlue lenses provide the best blue light protection by incorporating patented melanin technology designed to improve how you see. By infusing the melanin powder directly into the lens material, the result is a lens that effectively filters the blue spectrum of natural and artificial light.

designed to provide comfort for your eyes with these benefits:

Ultimate protection against blue light

Enhances definition for maximum visual clarity

Improves contrast to maintain color balance

Alleviates digital eye strain

Reduces both glare and veiled glare

The Science


Light behaves like a wave which is defined by its length and frequency. We can only see light within a certain range of wavelengths and frequencies. Different wavelengths are visible (seen as different colors) and invisible. Until recently, the sunglass market has been focused on the portion of the light spectrum that we don’t see as color, called ultraviolet - which is a source of damage to the eye. All good quality sunglasses block ultraviolet light. Of increasing concern to vision are the wavelengths that are collectively referred to as High Energy Visible light commonly referred to as blue light.

There is now growing awareness about the impact of the blue light portion of the spectrum on both the front of the eye (the lens) and the back of the eye (the retina and macula). There is medical community recognition that links blue light exposure to human vision health issues. As a result, quality lens manufacturers are starting to address the issue of blue light to varying extents.

Dr. Michael Tolentino

TrueBlue Lens technology is the result of over 30 years of development. Medically endorsed by leading vitreoretinal surgeon Dr. Michael Tolentino of The Tolentino Eye Research Foundation. TrueBlue lenses provide the best in blue light filtration resulting in improved vision performance, enhanced protection, and maximized visual clarity.

There is no other lens like it.


TrueBlue technology eliminates the scatter of blue light resulting in improved vision. Due to the intensity of the blue light spectrum, you need to filter more of the blue light spectrum to improve your vision. Most blue light lenses claim blue light filtration but using a coating does not provide the proper protection. TrueBlue polarized lenses filter up to 96% of blue light (380NM-500NM). TrueBlue filters blue light infusing Melanin directly into the lenses therefore absorbing the blue light rather than try to deflect the light. The result is a crisper, clearer picture of your surroundings. This is especially important in outdoor sports. TrueBlue lenses assist to eliminate “Motion Blur” where fast moving objects such as a baseball are seen sharper through the TrueBlue lens.