There is an amazing amount of science behind sunglasses and we are very proud of our efforts to infuse the science into the sun protection for you. Beyond the frame style that compliments and completes your look, it’s really about the lenses. We’re passionate about styling but driven to offer the very best protection for your vision.

We make great sunglasses, the foundation of which is the lens. Polycarbonate lenses provide remarkable protection from the harmful light portion of the spectrum commonly referred to as ultraviolet rays. Although there are competitors that want you to believe their lenses are unique by giving them names from outer space or denoting mystical properties, we just offer the facts regarding eyewear that performs genuinely, and spare you the marketing hocus-pocus.

We are proud to offer TrueBlue® Lens technology in selected Sundog Eyewear styles. For more information on TrueBlue® Lens technology visit our official TrueBlue Vision website.

The Science – a fascinating foundation

Light behaves like a wave which is defined by it's length and frequency. We can only see light within a certain range of wavelengths and frequencies. Different wavelengths are visible (seen as different colors) and invisible. Until recently, the sunglass market has been focused on the portion of the light spectrum that we don’t see as color, called ultra violet - which is a source of damage to the eye. All good quality sunglasses block ultra violet light. Of increasing concern to human vision are the wavelengths that are collectively referred to as High Energy Visible light.

There is now growing awareness about the impact of the blue light portion of the spectrum on both the front of the eye (the lens) and the back of the eye (the retina and macula). There is also medical community recognition that links blue light exposure to human vision health issues. As a result, quality lens manufacturers are starting to address the issue of blue light to varying extents.

SD-C7 Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate is an industry term for thermoplastic polymers that are both lightweight and impressively impact resistant. Thermoset polycarbonates provide an excellent plain vision lens material to protect your vision. While there are other products and poly-derivatives on the market that cost more, it is difficult to quantify the genuine difference in performance value. So, with your money in mind, we have chosen polycarbonate. The chemical nomenclature is “C7”, so when you see SD (Sun Dog) C7 (chemical abbreviation) you will know you are getting a great pair of polycarbonate based lenses.